As we age, it becomes more difficult to maintain healthy teeth.  Over the years our food and beverages leave us with stained teeth; a build-up of plaque may be present; certain medications may reduce the flow of saliva through the mouth; fillings that were done years ago may need to be replaced.  Having regular check-ups will let us prioritize these problems and take care of them using modern dental techniques.

Gum disease is a common problem that seniors are faced with and can lead to serious health conditions. Preventive measures are a key to a healthy mouth, but if your gums have inflammation or start to bleed or teeth become loose, it is very important that you contact us immediately for treatment to begin to reverse some of the damage.

Medical research has identified a possible link between bacterial infections of the gums (gingivitis, periodontal disease) and the serious health conditions of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. We advise all of our patients how important it is to have their teeth cleaned on a regular basis to maintain good health and keep your natural teeth.  Tooth extraction used to be the solution for teeth with infected or damaged roots. With today’s technology, your dentist can often save a tooth that would have previously been extracted.  With affordable dental care options, we can help you to keep your natural teeth healthy for a lifetime.

For those seniors without dental insurance we proudly offer anyone over the age of 60 a 10% discount when paying by cash or check.