Great Technology for Your Convenience

April 17, 2015
Tooth Whitening Lakeview Dental

Lakeview Dental has a great system to help our patients to keep track of their scheduled visits as well as the need for an upcoming hygiene appointment!  Here are a few examples of how it could work well for you:

Let’s say you make your next appointment with one of our hygienists for six-months from today.  At most offices, you’d get a card with the date written on the back in hopes that you tape it to a paper calendar or transfer the information into your electronic calendar.  At Lakeview Dental, our team will make sure you get an email that day with a link to add it directly to your Outlook, Google or other calendar, as well as a text message asking you to save-the-date.   At the appointment date approaches, we’ll reach out again, to confirm the appointment with you

Another example is if you have an appointment for next Tuesday and an average dental office calls you on Thursday to confirm it.  Your week gets busy and you completely lose track of things.  They call you when you’re 20-minutes late; you apologize and make an appointment for a month from now that you swear you’ll remember.  With our convenient reminder system, not only will we confirm a few days before by email, text, or personal phone call, but you’ll get a “last-minute” text reminder just 2-hours before we’re expecting you!

forgetfulOne last example is when you don’t set your next appointment at your previous visit; thinking you’ll remember to call when you have your calendar in front of you.  You forget and need to make that dreaded call to say, “I forgot to schedule a visit and now it’s been over a year since my last professional cleaning.”  Or worse, ” I forgot to schedule and now something hurts!”  Here, if that call never comes, we’ll send you a friendly email reminder that you’re coming due for your professional cleaning and dental exam.  If you’re too busy and miss that email, we’ll text you a week later and call you a week after that.  It is our responsibility to help you stay on track for dental wellness.

Please email the name, preferred email address and text number for each of your family members to today to make sure you’re included in this exciting program!